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I'm Ronnie. I have a degree in Visual Communications and have been working as a freelancer in beautiful Queenstown for many years. I love to learn new things and particularly enjoy working with colour, various print techniques and like to get nerdy about typography whenever possible.
I bring an illustrative slant to projects, as I love to draw pictures and I’m known for producing highly imaginative work that’s full of personality.

With a background in signwriting as well as graphic design, I run the Hand Painted Sign Co., producing highly original and creative hand-painted pieces for a range of clients. I enjoy working with various media and relish the unique challenge of large scale work.
The client’s brief for a recent mural I have since completed was to ‘Ronnify’ it. I was happy to receive a brief like that! 


If you'd like to work together, please get in touch via my contact page.  

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I have been working with Ronnie for over 6 years and am always impressed with her creativity. Ronnie is a good person with amazing skills and she is my go-to for design work. 

It is nice to work with a business owner who takes pride in their work.


—  Wes McAllister, Crimson Badger Brewing