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In my practice, I focus on staying curious. I am fascinated by nature. The smallest runnel of water, pattern on rock
or lichen on a tree holds beauty. I try to carry my sketchbook wherever I can, making drawings to capture a moment spent out in nature. Back in the studio, I allow the work to evolve as I explore the ways in which landforms interact with each other and I endeavour to capture the intangible in paint. I gain so much joy from the challenging process
of abstraction, distilling feelings and experiences into forms of colour that vibrate and intrigue. 


I relish the knowledge that I can create a unique shared moment between my art and the viewer,
however and whenever that may unfold.   


I work mostly in acrylic on canvas, paper or board.

Some of my recent works are shown below. Original paintings are for sale as listed or upon enquiry,
so If you like what you see, please get in touch via my contact page

Ronnie Baker-Under Over Up Around-Acrylic on canvas-2024-web.png
Under, Over, Up, Around
Acrylic on canvas, 1520 x 1220mm
Ronnie Baker-The Slip-Acrylic on canvas framed-2024-web.png
The Slip
Acrylic on canvas, 1050 x 795mm

Ronnie Baker-Construct-Acrylic on paper-2024-web2.png
Acrylic on paper, 485 x 640mm
Ronnie Baker - Grounded -Acrylic on canvas-2024 web.png
Acrylic and graphite on canvas, 485 x 640mm
Framed in up-cycled Matai
Ronnie Baker Rotoroa 24x30 Paintings - web.jpg
Rotoroa Dark / Rotoroa Light
Acrylic on canvas, 610 x 765mm (each)
(For sale as a pair)
Ronnie Baker Abstract Art The Mineral Belt painting. Acrylic and Copper Leaf
The Mineral Belt - One
Acrylic and Copper Leaf on 320gsm paper, 595mm x 420mm
 Framed in white with UV Glass
Ronnie Baker - Mineral Belt #3 - $1450.jpg
The Mineral Belt - Three
Acrylic and Copper Leaf on canvas, 610 x 765mm
Ronnie Baker - Abstract Art - Morning
Acrylic on canvas, 510 x 760mm


Nelson Suter Art Society Spring Exhibition - 2023
Nelson Suter Art Society Summer Exhibition - 2023-2024
'SEVEN' Group exhibition at the Nelson Suter Art Society - July 2024

Tuatara Rides a Clunker Illustration - Ronnie Baker Art.JPG

'Tuatara Rides a Fixie'

Platypus Rides a Clunker Illustration - Ronnie Baker Arr.JPG

'Platypus Rides a Clunker'

Limited Edition Prints - 25 only
A3 (297 x 420mm) 300gsm paper with archival inks
$95 each + postage
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