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i started working with Taco Medic back in June 2020, as they were opening up their second Queenstown store. 

They value a crafted finish, as that is a core value with the tortillas and food that they pour their passion into. 
They work hard to create spaces that are welcoming and relaxing but also vibrant and fun. 

Recreating branding by hand is always an interesting challenge, but the results for Taco Medic look great. They have a strong colour palette to work with and a huge element of my work with them is creating more illustrative pieces that have a 
large typographical component to them and speak to being local and fresh, handcrafted and made daily. These themes roll across the two newest shops in Auckland that I have painted, one in Ponsonby and one in Quay St that both opened in 2021. 

I've also made timber finger signs for each taqueria, from up-cycled timber and a footpath stand for the original Queenstown shop that is tucked down a tiny alleyway.

I really enjoy working with the team at Taco Medic as the work is always challenging, inspiring and comes down to the wire! 

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