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Jungle Blues - Chapter Doodles.jpg
Jungle Blues - Chapter Doodles.jpg
CT - ALL Chapter Doodles.jpg
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Stu Tripney is not the average author. He is the owner of the World Famous 'Stu's Fly Fishing Shop' in Athol and a world-renowned fly-fishing guide and fly designer/ maker. He spends a few months of each year traveling to far-flung lands in search of elusive native fish. Along the way, the inevitable adventures that he embarks on have been crafted into a series of books. 

Two of which I have illustrated the covers of - Jungle Blues, set in Malaysia and Chasing Tigers, set in Nepal. Stu wanted an illustrative cover that sets the scene for the story within and contains details that are discovered and explained as the reader makes their way through the book. Each chapter has a small doodle on the first page also. The technique for these covers is hand-drawn linework that is scanned at high resolution and digitally coloured in Photoshop with multiple layers of colour and texture.

I was introduced to this project via Fluid Visual Communications, who had begun to develop a concept for Jungle Blues. Stu has been a client of Fluid for many years, and I am so happy to be a part of the team working with Stu. Projects always start with vibrant arm-waving discussion with lots of scribbled notes and sketches on paper - a most fitting beginning to a working partnership that has resulted in the highly creative output of which we are very proud. 

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