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Pub on Wharf_Good Beer Illustration_ A3.
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Pub on Wharf in Queenstown needed to block the outside of some windows and instead of using a plain block out film, they investigated the idea of some large digitally printed illustrations instead, to make a feature of the windows. With a rough brief for each of these pieces, I set to work creating a keg room scene that is designed to look somewhat 3D, as though the viewer can step into the room, and a more fantastical piece of a Taniwha that inhabits Lake Wakatipu. 

Drawing a Taniwha was challenging and fun. Firstly I read a few different Māori legends to try and get a handle on what this creature actually is, but largely I was able to craft my own image of the Taniwha, part dragon, part serpent, part Tiki. This was such an enjoyable illustration with layers upon layers of textures, hidden features all within a specific colour palette. The process behind these illustrations was to sketch and perfect by hand before the entire work was digitised, using pencil, watercolour, spatter and other wet media effect digital brushes.

In situ, I have seen people posing in front of these installations time and again for photographs, which was precisely what Pub on Wharf were hoping to achieve. 

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