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The story behind my newest work

The Mineral Belt series

New to the region, when out hiking and biking in the Mt Richmond Forest Park, I could feel the vegetation and rock colours suddenly change, as we were moving through the landscape. This is due to changes in the earth under our feet - a seam of rich copper dense rock - the mineral belt. Fascinated by this seam minerals running through the land and the effect that this has on the vegetation, colours and rock forms, and the way that humans have interacted with the land, I started researching and sketching, exploring the colours and energy I felt.

The paintings I'm working on at the moment are an extension of the joy of discovering a new area, with an unexpected gem of fascination within it.

Following the work, I've created six paintings so far that form The Mineral Belt series.

I use copper foil and iridescent medium to add another dimension to these paintings, so that at different times of day, light plays on the paintings and highlights certain parts of the work.

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