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Jumping into an Artist in Residence experience - it's not the end

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Did I get what I needed from immersing myself in painting, in a new space for four weeks? Mostly yes, and a little bit no.


  • I created some work I am really pleased with

  • I completely finished two out of six paintings

  • It was a bit of a rollercoaster, days where everything is good and I feel light and breezy...but also days where I was thinking 'what am I doing?!' 'What does it mean?' BUT I mostly managed to keep my brain in check and enjoy the experience

  • The old church had plenty of space and gorgeous light. I focused well in the space.


  • I was looking forward to working alongside other artists, but for various reasons this couldn't happen

  • I ended up drinking way too much coffee from the Sublime coffee shop just up the road, reinforcing my habit

  • I didn't quite get the exposure I was hoping for.

I really enjoyed my time working at The Tactile Society space and it was a very positive experience over all, so I really have no complaints. I've since moved into my own studio space in my backyard, having for the very first time, a purpose built space that I absolutely love being in. I'll write more about setting up this space in another post, as it's an ongoing project.

If I have the opportunity to work in another space soon, I will take it for sure. For now, it's onto the next step in my own space. A pretty exciting step which will see me finishing some work ready to approach galleries and then hopefully, exhibit.

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