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Jumping into an Artist in Residence experience - the middle

So far, I have made some art that I am very happy with. The pieces are coming together well and I feel lightness in working in this beautiful old church.

I’ve also had a couple of days when things just aren’t working. I spend hours on a piece and only move backwards. It's a little soul-destroying and it's pretty easy to get caught up in unhelpful negative thinking. However, I try to remind myself that tomorrow is another day, I’ll be able to re-work the painting and that all is not lost - I learn as much from what doesn’t work as what does work. This doesn’t always make me feel any better, however.

Days like this can fuel thoughts of whether the work is 'good enough'. I'm not sure where doubt springs from, but it's never far away. Then there’s the challenge of scale, colour, texture, too many points of interest, (or too few) and getting the composition just right.

But there’s also the joy in when one small part sings and the composition is perfect. The light playing on the painting and the satisfaction of gilding copper foil.

In the end, it’s all good learning!

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