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GINGER BEAR by Crimson Badger Brewing

The team at Crimson Badger Brewing came to me back in 2016 with an exciting first brewing project - crafting their own alcoholic ginger beer for the masses. This was to be no backyard operation, they had dreams of selling their product in local bars, bottle shops, supermarkets, ski resorts, and beyond. 

Without a name or any idea how to market this product, we sat down and threw some ideas around, one of which involved playing on the Kiwi pronunciation of 'Beer' and 'Bear' sounding the same. This idea was a hit and we all felt that the brand needed a mascot and so the salty bear was born. He has become a beloved icon of the brand and adorns t-shirts across the world.  

The design was initially for a tap badge and 330ml bottle label, but as the company grows, the brand includes designs for direct-to-can printing for both 330 and 440ml, six and 10 pack boxes, Mulled Ginger Bear, Mulled Wine, a marquee and various items of clothing as merchandise and for promotion. 


I am proud of this brand and what the crew at Crimson Badger Brewing have achieved. 

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