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Bee the change is on a mission to create safe havens for bee populations to help contribute to addressing global issues facing the honeybee. They facilitate thriving bee colonies through sponsorship by individuals and corporate sponsors. These branded hives are placed in high profile strategic locations enabling environmental education and pollination initiatives for local communities. 

As Bee the Change is striving to educate both young and old as to the challenges facing the honey bee and why we should all do our part to help, it was important to develop a graphic style that is both friendly and professional. First cabs off the rank were logo design for stationery, website, hive branding, and various other applications.

Development of educational and informative panels to be placed at the apiary sites have formed the basis for the overall graphic identity which will be expanded into leaflet, honey label and packaging designs in the future. Using a textured illustrative style to explain such things as how a bee gathers pollen and how the inside of a hive works, the aim is to make the elusive but humble honey bee an intriguing and appealing creature to all. 

Bee the Change Informative Signage Panel
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