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Bad Neighbour - Freak n Monkeys beer lab
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The Bad Neighbour Brewing brand concept was conceived by Bex, Fluid's Creative Director and my role was to bring it to life with illustration for their two flagship beer labels, a Hazy India Pale Ale and an American Pale Ale.

This collaborative project was attacked with fever and enthusiasm within an incredibly tight deadline. The team at Bad Neighbour Brewing trusted Fluid's expertise to create label designs that are unique and eye-catching amongst a host of craft beer options.

I worked with a dip-scratch pen and Quink ink to create characterful, splattery, inky drawings that I then coloured digitally in Photoshop. Bex has a wealth of packaging experience and her choice of a metallic label stock and high build print effects to add depth and prominence to specific parts of the label design were used to great effect.

This was a fun and challenging project, turned around in double-quick time and the outcome was great.  

This project was completed as a freelance designer in collaboration with Fluid Visual Communications in Queenstown, with whom I have worked on a variety of projects.
here to find out more about how  Fluid build compelling brand stories. 

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